1: CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA) should be performed within 24 hours of presentation in patients who are managed via an outpatient pathway and do not have contraindications for contrast imaging.
2: All patients with confirmed acute PE or on an outpatient pathway for suspected acute PE should have their clinical risk assessed including the use of a validated risk score (PE severity index (PESI), simplified PESI (s-PESI), Hestia).
3: Outpatient management should be offered to all patients with suspected or confirmed acute PE who satisfy clinical risk and exclusion criteria.
4: All patients managed via an outpatient PE pathway should be reviewed by a senior clinical decision-maker prior to going home.
5: All patients managed via an outpatient PE pathway should receive verbal and written information containing details of potential complications of the disease process, its treatment and a point of contact.
6: Patients undergoing outpatient management following diagnosis of an acute PE should have an initial review within 7 days of discharge. Subsequent follow-up by a senior clinician with a special interest in PE should take place within a formal pathway.