Table 2

Hospital admissions, physical performance and quality of life (adjusted analysis)

Unadjusted analysisAdjusted analysis
Estimate95% CIP valueEstimate95% CIP value
Hospital admissionsIRR0.930.88 to 0.990.0180.930.88 to 0.990.020
ISWT (m)Slope8.052.54 to 13.560.005NA
ESWT (s)Slope43.6818.41 to 68.950.00146.5826.65 to 66.500.000
CAT (points)Slope0.15−0.35 to 0.650.55−0.08−0.46 to 0.300.68
  • Hospital admissions at 12-month follow-up. ISWT, ESWT and CAT at 2-month follow-up. ISWT was not adjusted. ESWT was adjusted for pack-years and smoking status. CAT was adjusted for BMI and CAT at baseline. ISWT, ESWT and CAT were analysed with linear regression.

  • Hospital admissions were analysed with negative binomial regression and adjusted for age, FEV1, CAT and MRC at baseline.

  • Fit parameters for each model (McFadden’s R2): Hospital admissions: crude model R2=0.02 and adj. model R2=0.08. ISWT: crude model R2=0.12. ESWT: crude model R2=0.18 and adj. model R2=0.41. CAT: crude model R2=0.01 and adj model R2=0.30.

  • CAT, COPD Assessment Test; ESWT, endurance shuttle walk test; ISWT, incremental shuttle walk test; MRC, Medical Research Council dyspnoea scale; NA, not applicable.