Table 2

Outcomes of patients treated with HFNT

OutcomesTotal (n=104)P value
Prevention of intubation67 (64.42%)
Intubation rate37 (35.58%)
Mortality14.44% (n=15)
Hospital LOS10.96 days (±6.04)
ICU LOS6.55 days (±5.31)
HAP/VAP incidence3 (2.94%)
Day 0Day 7–10
SF ratio123.5 (±42.25)234.5 (±120.79)<0.0001
CXR RALES18.17 (±7.87)16.13 (±8.79)0.033
Heart rate (bpm)88.2 (±17.13)75.7 (±23.13)0.0004
Respiratory rate (breaths/min)29.71 (±18.99)26.38 (±16.93)0.0001
  • CXR, chest X-ray; HAP, hospital-associated pneumonia; ICU, intensive care unit; LOS, length of stay; RALES, Radiographic Assessment of Lung Edema Score; SF ratio, saturation to fraction ratio; VAP, ventilator-associated pneumonia.