Table 3

OR for mortality

OR95% CIχ2P value
Age1.081.02 to*
Clinical frailty score
 CFS 1–4Ref0.617
 CFS 5–91.560.27 to 11.090.25
Oxygen therapy prior to respiratory support
 High4.180.81 to 29.702.91
Full proning
 Successful0.060.00 to 0.804.68
 Required transfer onto HFNORef0.761
 Required CPAP only0.760.13 to 4.880.09
  • Multivariate logistic regression (Firth bias reduced).

  • *p<0.05

  • CFS, clinical frailty score; CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; HFNO, high flow nasal oxygen.