Table 3

Extreme predicted survival probabilities for 256 possible combinations of the variables

CPAPAgeSexHypertensionFrom care homeIntubatedTimeGroupSurvival probabilities
Yes60FemaleNoNoNo≤7 daysEarly0.91
Yes60FemaleNoNoNo≤7 daysLate0.91
Yes60FemaleYesNoYes≤7 daysEarly0.89
Yes60FemaleYesNoYes≤7 daysLate0.89
…See online supplemental files for values in between
No80MaleNoYesYes≤7 daysEarly0.00
No80MaleNoYesYes≤7 daysLate0.00
Yes80MaleNoYesYes>7 daysEarly0.00
Yes80MaleNoYesYes>7 daysLate0.00
  • Only the top four and bottom four are shown. We considered only two ages 60 and 80 years online supplemental file 2.

  • CPAP, continuous positive air pressure.