Table 4

Likert Scale responses

LikertnIncrease in mean VASSD95% CI
Large or moderate improvement in discomfort50−2.3826.92(−9.84 to 5.08)
Small but just worthwhile improvement in discomfort54−1.2225.23(−7.95 to 5.51)
Slight improvement in discomfort, but not worthwhile252.2825.56(−7.74 to 12.3)
No change591.6118.84(−3.20 to 6.42)
Slight increase in discomfort, but not significant4014.0720.69(7.66 to 20.49)
Small, but significant increase in discomfort2316.0422.44(6.87 to 25.21)
Large or moderate increase in discomfort1137.7325.90(22.42 to 53.04)
  • VAS, visual analogue scale.