Table 5

Quotations from open-ended responses

Positive aspects of remote careConcerns about remote care
Clinicians‘We are still able to support patients at home and encourage them to keep active despite most of them having to shield. We can also ensure their oxygen requirements are catered for and if necessary decide to do a home visit’.
‘Almost all aspects of care can be achieved by video, except hands on breathing techniques. Patients really appreciate the contact, without having to risk infection from face-to-face care’.
‘Mostly by phone so parts of assessment it is difficult to complete, there is more feedback from face-to-face assessment via video’.
‘Our health Trust is very rural and wifi/technology signals are poor. Our older age population is not technologically minded which will discriminate against their ability to link in via video’.
Patients‘It was very relaxing and the lady made me feel at ease. She was very helpful in explaining fully the medication I am on and the correct way of taking it. The video call was at the precise time as arranged’.
‘I was given advice and medication to help with an exacerbation of my COPD. This was also followed up regularly to check on my condition’.
‘Doctor could have listened more to ongoing problem’.
‘I doubt you could make remote care as good as face to face meetings, but they can fill a need for discussion and possible change of medication if necessary’.
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.