Table 1

Specialty COPD care activities included in consensus-building process

Type of careCare activity description
RoutineCollecting information about a patient’s COPD and overall health status by asking questions (eg, assessing symptoms, understanding recent hospital admissions and assessing needs for various services)
Performing a lung function test (breathing in to a spirometer)
Measuring oxygen levels using a finger probe (pulse oximetry)
Assessing how far a patient can walk by doing a walking test (performing an exercise test)
Checking inhalers are used properly
Providing education about COPD or COPD treatment and developing a self-management plan
Supporting a patient to stop smoking (smoking cessation support)
Starting a patient on a new medication
Providing an exercise and education programme (pulmonary rehabilitation)
Having a healthcare professional teach how best to clear sputum/phlegm (airway clearance support)
Having a healthcare professional teach new breathing techniques (breathing training)
Helping a patient make plans around death and dying (advance care planning)
Urgent/unplannedMaking a decision on whether a patient needs to see a healthcare professional face-to-face
Helping a patient make a decision on whether to use extra treatment, often called a 'rescue pack'
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.