Table 2

Comparison of pathological evaluations of transbronchial lung cryobiopsies in patients with dense versus blizzard signs on radial endobronchial ultrasonography (R-EBUS) and versus patients who did not undergo R-EBUS

Dense sign
Analysis 1P valueAnalysis 2P value
Blizzard sign
Without R-EBUS
Median area (mm2)12 (4–40)15 (1–48)0.7318 (2–60)0.13
Pathological confidence<0.01<0.05
 Level A10 (55.6)4 (13.8)13 (34.2)
 Level B5 (27.8)19 (65.5)23 (60.5)
 Level C3 (16.7)6 (20.7)2 (5.3)
  • Data are presented as medians (ranges) or numbers (percentages).