Table 2

Baseline variables, first blood gas parameters

ParametersData set 1Data set 2
Age in years (median range)69 (35–87)67 (62–75)
Female (%)8356
Initial pH
 Venous7.26 (7.23–7.29)7.4 (7.39–9.42)
 Calculated arterial7.28 (7.25–7.31)7.43 (7.41–7.44)
 Arterial7.43 (7.42–7.55)
Initial values
 pCO2v (mm Hg)72 (66–78)57 (53–61)
 pCO2ca (mm Hg)66 (60–71)52 (48–56)
 pCO2a (mm Hg)51 (49–53)
 pO2 arterial (mm Hg)70 (65–74)
 ΔpCO2v/ΔpCO2ca (mm Hg)0.9−0.2
 ΔpCO2v/ΔpCO2a (mm Hg)0
 ΔpCO2a/ΔpCO2ca (mm Hg)0.2
  • *Bias=difference between the means of the two variables.

  • pCO2, carbon dioxide partial pressure; pCO2a, arterial pCO2; pCO2ca, mathematically arterialised pCO2; pCO2v, venous pCO2; pO2, oxygen partial pressure.