Table 1

Monthly figures of inpatient admissions and ITU admissions from COVID-19 as well as recruitment into Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy-Respiratory Support since the trial was opened. Only data from the 20th onwards are shown for the April 2020 month which reflects when the trial was opened in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. The data for January 2021 was split into two (before 11th January and 11th January onwards) to reflect the opening of RSU

MonthInpatient admissionsITU admissionsTrial recruitment
April 2020 (20th onward)91131
May 202089165
June 20204050
July 20202130
August 20202510
September 2020133241
October 2020233354
November 20203976110
December 20204665219
January 2021 (before 11th)3247110
January 2021 (11th onward)78515059
February 20214006549
  • ITU, intensive therapy unit.