Table 1

Two-sample MR results of lung function traits16 on Alzheimer’s disease22

Lung function trait (exposure)
No. SNPs used131424673
IVWOR per SD1.
95% CI0.91 to 1.130.82 to 1.320.85 to 1.370.88 to 1.13
P value0.680.730.510.97
Weighted medianOR per SD1.
95% CI0.86 to 1.190.82 to 1.610.83 to 1.580.79 to 1.15
P value0.810.390.390.62
Weighted modeOR per SD0.991.071.040.97
95% CI0.78 to 1.260.60 to 1.900.61 to 1.780.74 to 1.26
P value0.970.800.860.84
MR EggerOR per SD1.051.220.970.95
95% CI0.79 to 1.340.57 to 2.590.36 to 2.620.69 to 1.31
P value0.710.590.960.77
  • *A test for heterogenity. If this was <0.05 it would suggest heterogenity.

  • FEV, forced expiratory volume; FVC, forced expiratory volume; IVW, inverse variance weighting; MR, Mendelian randomisation; PEF, peak expiratory flow; SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphisms.