Table 1

Point prevalence and 12-month period prevalence estimate for chronic and subacute cough

TotalPoint prevalence (before exclusion)Point prevalence (after exclusion*)12-month period prevalence
CountPrevalence,%CountPrevalence, %CountPrevalence, %
Chronic cough
 All respondents24 0156942.895682.3710304.29
 <60 male74852172.901752.343104.14
 <60 female70361422.021181.682773.94
 ≥60 male56052163.851723.072734.87
 ≥60 female38891193.061032.651704.37
Subacute cough
 All respondents24 0154912.043781.5713605.66
 <60 male74852042.731391.864926.57
 <60 female70361401.991201.714726.71
 ≥60 male5605941.68711.272163.85
 ≥60 female3889531.36481.231804.63
  • *Respondents were excluded from the analysis if they met any of the following criteria: (1) self-reported in NHWS or the chronic cough survey of any form of lung cancer, interstitial lung disease, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, or currently taking an ACE inhibitor or (2) self-reported experienced chronic cough in the NHWS but did not participate in the chronic cough survey.

  • NHWS, National Health and Wellness Survey.