Table 2

Worries or concerns about the impact of your clinical role (n=206)

Worried about family/bringing virus home (n=110)”Being asymptomatic and passing virus onto family members who then become very poorly because of myself.” (ID141)
”Added stress to myself impacts how I act at home. Worry that I will bring the virus home to my husband and children.” (ID42)
“It affects them greatly as they worry about me going to work every day. One family member doesn’t sleep well because of this. I worry about them this way but main worry is bringing it home. I couldn’t forgive myself especially as a person I live with is 90 years old.” (ID16)
”The risk of bringing COVID home is the major concern. I shower before I leave work, have different lunch box/cutlery for work. I stopped watching the news/updates & regularly listening to the radio as it was too depressing & stressful. Only had limited COVID internet/news input by choice.“ (ID32)
No concerns (n=42)“No concerns about my role having an impact, concerns/anxieties are more generalized to do with breakdown of social distancing, not seeing my family and generalized worry.” (ID87)
”None at the moment. have already suffered from COVID.” (ID111)
”None. I don’t go out, bit sad about that. I do all my food shopping in the hospital shop.” (ID248)
Family worried/family views about your role (n=18)”Family are anxious and stressed, worried about me working in a dangerous environment. Risk of bringing virus home and infecting family. Stress of work impacting family time - unable to/too tired for home-schooling for example.” (ID79)
”My children are worried about me catching the virus. I worry how they are coping. And the effect this is having on them emotionally.“ (ID32)
”They are worried about my risk and see how overwhelming the experience is even doing telephone calls.” (ID177)
”I worry a great deal as my daughter is very anxious about me going to work. She asks if I will die or if she will die. This causes a great deal of upset in my household.” (ID48)
Change in working hours/covering other roles/working environment (n=12)“Change in working hours. Covering 8–8 7 days a week. Impacting on family life.” (ID172)
“I have been working longer hours and more shifts and my children are missing not having me around as much. They are staying up late so they can see me after 13 hour shifts. Husband struggling to work from home and look after children as he is so busy, so he is really stressed.” (ID191)
”Working overtime means less time at home. Also may have to move to an on call rota if surge arrives pretty good so far.” (ID37)
”Uncertainty of duration of redeployment, reduced prospects of going back to old role (elective CPAP/NIV introduction is an AGP), social isolation from family.” (ID103)
Stress/mental health (n=9)“Emotional stress if anything- difficult conversations over the phone…” (ID178)
“Exhaustion and emotionally drained when getting home not able to switch off.” (ID147)
“Feeling guilty that I am out working whilst they’re stuck at home. Feeling that I am missing out on the quality time with my child whilst he’s off school.” (ID184)
“I am tired and stressed at times. I work such long hours I am home very late with little time to see them.” (ID65)
Impact on home-schooling (n=5)“I worry the children have 2 parents who are key workers and as teenagers are home alone. I worry that they are at a disadvantage with regards to home schooling compared to those with parents/carers at home. I am concerned that they may feel more isolated with no parents at home.” (ID173)
“Not being around as much, not giving the home teaching that is required as they don’t get teaching at the school care setting.” (ID63)
“Lack of education while transitioning to secondary.” (ID133)
“My children are consistently worried and unsure with what I do in my job role.” (ID225)
“My children’s schooling as not able to support home schooling as much as I would like.” (ID242)
PPE (n=3)“My worries are not being enough protected as having inadequate PPE.” (ID99)
“My main concern is not enough protection due to not adequate PPE.” (ID98)
“Not having the correct PPE and passing it to my family members, there is a lot of different PPE guidance for every trust.” (ID23)
Being ill alone/or both parents ill at the same time (n=2)“My only concern is catching CV19 and living alone.” (ID28)
“That one or both of us become unwell and be unable to care for our children or pass on the virus to our children.” (ID139)
Lack of childcare (n=2)“Both been key workers with no child care support our clinical role has made it impossible to spent more than 1 day a week as a family because we are working opposite shifts to provide childcare.” (ID80)
“Children have to go to school, can’t stay at home as much as I’d like them to.” (ID162)
Bringing my worries and stress home (n=2)“Bringing my emotions and worries home.” (ID53)
“Bringing my stress home!” (ID150)
Miscellaneous (n=1)“Yes, as people from BAME being affected more & diabetic patients are considered as most vulnerable Our local risk assessment did not include these two criteria.” (ID75)
  • AGP, aerosol generating procedure; BAME, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic; CPAP, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure; NIV, Non Invasive Ventilation; PPE, protective personal equipment.