Table 4

OR of detection in cases compared with controls by multiplex PCR in nasopharyngeal swabs, by pathogen, adjusted for age and season (logistic regression)

PathogenAdjusted OR95% CIP value
Streptococcus pneumoniae1.71.2 to 2.30.002
RSV20.69.4 to 45.3<0.001
Influenza virus6.12.5 to 14.9<0.001
Parainfluenza virus4.61.8 to 11.30.001
Metapneumovirus4.51.3 to 16.10.021
No pathogen detected0.1<0.1 to 0.2<0.001
  • P values were obtained by Wald test.

  • RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.