Table 3

Clinical outcomes in the two cohorts of hospitalised patients with COVID-19 with and without idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) before and after propensity score matching

OutcomeIPF group (n=111)PercentageNon-IPF group (n=111)PercentageRisk ratio95% CI lower95% CI upper
Mortality within 30 days3127.932421.621.290.812.05
Mortality within 60 days3430.632724.321.260.821.94
Critical care4742.343834.231.240.881.73
Mechanical ventilation1917.121311.711.460.762.81
30-day composite outcome3733.333127.931.190.801.78
60-day composite outcome3935.143329.731.180.811.73
Acute renal injury3329.733430.630.970.651.45