Table 2

Super selective bronchial artery coil embolisation procedural data

Procedural dataPatients (n=34)
Recanalisation* (%)8.8
Reintervention* (%)58.8
Time to reintervention (months)5 (0.5–45)
Radiation dose (µGym2)3371 (1605–21 366)
Fluoroscopy time (min)16.2 (6.3–41.39)
Number of coils per intervention27 (2–58)
Number of coils per lobe15 (2–42)
Number of vessels treated per intervention†1.3 (1–3)
Number of hypertrophied bronchial arteries detected at angiography†2.5 (1–5)
Number of bronchial arteries occluded†1.1 (0–2)
Number of patients with hypertrophied NBSAs†17
Number of patients with NBSAs treated5
Number of hypertrophied NBSAs detected at angiography†0.85 (0–3)
Number of NBSAs occluded†0.2 (0–2)
  • *During 5-year observation interval.

  • †Refers to the first intervention and the number per patient and intervention.

  • NBSA, non-bronchial systemic artery.