Table 1

Measurements of different pressures, diaphragmatic displacement and maximal relaxation rate in different conditions

Normal breathingSniff like manoeuvreP value*
Oesophageal pressure measurementsNo breaths 280No breaths 242
Pesophageal (cmH2O)−10.66±3.39−31.59±15.54<0.001
Diaphragmatic displacement (cm)1.64±0.51.40±0.530.01
Transdiaphragmatic recordingsNo breaths 248No breaths 202
Pdi (cmH2O)21.10±5.8934.95±8.93<0.001
Diaphragmatic displacement (cm)1.73±0.611.40±0.42<0.001
MRR measurementsNo breaths 282No breaths 243
Pdi-MRR (cmH2O/s)−82.65±21.30−131.13±36.02<0.001
ECHO-MRR (cm/s)2.97±0.954.25±1.28<0.001
  • *Comparison was tested with Wilcoxon signed-rank test (paired samples) Pdi; MRR; ECHO: assess by M-mode ultrasonography.

  • MRR, maximal relaxation rate; Pdi, transdiaphragmatic pressure.