Table 4

Multiple linear regression analyses to compare 6MWD between patients with normal and low PHA and FFMI, while adjusting for gender, age and lung function

ModelCorrelatesBeta95% CIP value
6MWD (m)
Adjusted R²=0.54
(Constant)557.9388.0 to 727.8<0.001
Sex (male)−33.6−17.7 to 84.80.19
Age (years)−5.2−7.5 to −2.9<0.001
DLCO (%predicted)3.72.2 to 5.2<0.001
FVC (%predicted)0.9−0.5 to 2.20.20
Phase Angle (Low)−76.2−119.1 to −33.30.001
6MWD (m)
Adjusted R²=0.46
(Constant)480.4301.6 to 659.1<0.001
Sex (male)28.6−26.9 to 84.20.31
Age (years)−4.7−7.2 to −2.2<0.001
DLCO (%predicted)3.62.0 to 5.3<0.001
FVC (%predicted)1.4−0.02 to 2.80.05
FFMI (Low)−7.4−75.5 to 60.70.83
  • DLCO, diffusion capacity for carbon monoxide; FFMI, Fat-Free Mass Index; FVC, forced vital capacity; 6MWD, 6 min walk distance.