Table 2

Reporting framework of the yoga component of the integrated yoga-PR programme

Reporting frameworkDescription
ComponentsRelevant components like yoga poses, yoga breathing techniques, meditation, affirmations, any yoga specific education sessions
Yoga school of thoughtSpecific school of thought of yoga like Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga to understand the intensities of the yoga components which may vary with these forms
DurationOverall duration of yoga components; holding time wherever applicable (minutes) and number of repetitions for each component
Overall length of the programmeTotal number of weeks or months of the programme
Frequency for each componentFrequency of yoga component (times/day, days/week)
Progression of protocolPerforming the ideal poses or breathing techniques may be difficult in the first go. Based on personal tolerance levels, the holding time of poses may be increased, or the poses may be modified slightly initially.
Mode of deliveryFace-to-face, remotely delivered and monitored via video-conferencing or other electronic platforms like mobile applications
Programme personnelDetails of qualifications (yoga teachers, physiotherapist, etc) of the session instructors and school of thought of yoga
Outcome measuresClinical (lung health, quality of life, exercise tolerance); non-clinical (programme adherence, dropouts, and safety measures (injuries, exacerbations, worsening of symptoms, any untoward events during the intervention); Qualitative components of studies; perceptions and outcomes reported by participants