Table 2

Total monthly carbon dioxide equivalent emissions reduction following the transition to low-GWP propellant (hydrofluoroalkane-152a GWP100, 138) in the case of column (1) only study sponsor’s products column (2) whole inhaler market, excluding SABA inhalers and column (3) whole inhaler market, including SABA inhalers

CountryOnly sponsor products transition
(SABA excluded)
Whole market transition
(SABA excluded)
Whole market transition
(SABA included)
Total five countries−33%−78%−89%
  • Sponsor products: this category includes sponsor products with the greatest patient use: beclometasone/formoterol/glycopyrronium bromide (‘Trimbow’), beclometasone/formoterol (‘Foster’ (or other brand names in different countries)) and beclometasone (‘Clenil’ (or other brand names in different countries)).

  • Whole market: this category includes all inhalers on the market.

  • GWP, global warming potential; SABA, short-acting β2-agonist .