Table 2

Summary table of the diagnostic experience

MPM diagnostic process
NoYesX², p valueTotal
Was the explanation of the mesothelioma diagnosis understandable176283(1)=1.548, 0.257459
(44.4% women, 37.1% men)
Was the explanation given in sensitive way126332(1)=0.638, 0.681458
(29.6% women, 26.7% men)
Were you told that a multidisciplinary team had reviewed your case.106250(1)=1.498, 0.148356
(32.7% women, 22.3% men)
Did healthcare professionals have sufficient knowledge and know enough about your condition115344(1)=0.786, 0.778459
(26.3% women, 24.7% men)
Did you receive good support from your GP in relation to your diagnosis252199(1)=0.675, 0.727451
GP support55.90%44.10%
(54.8% women, 55.1%)
Were you overall satisfied with healthcare professionals during your diagnosis92364(1)=0.845, 0.857456
Overall satisfaction20.20%79.80%
(21.5% women and 19.8% men)
  • GP, general practitioner; MPM, malignant pleural mesothelioma.