Table 3

Occupational category and time from symptom to diagnosis

Occupation/source of exposure, time from symptom to diagnosis (median, days)MenWomenP value
Construction (builder, electrician, plumber, carpenter, lagger)49.6%, (N=188), 92 days, IQR=50–81There were no women in this category.Not applicable
Work environment (teacher, doctor, nurse, secretarial, admin)2.6%, (N=10), 97 days, IQR=35–9017.3%, (N=14), 396 days, IQR=58.75–80.750.47
No occupation listed because assumed/could not prove that was exposed at work24% (N=91), 90 days, IQR=50–77.567.9%, (N=55), 151 days, IQR=60–800.076
Other23.7%, (N=90), 92 days, IQR=50.75–8514.8%, (N=12), 169 days, (IQR=80–95.25)0.05*
  • *Significant.