Table 2

Medical history of the patient population: malignancy, mycobacterial infection and autoimmune disease

 Pulmonary malignancy75.6
 Gynaecological malignancy2216.8
  Breast carcinoma2015.3
  Ovarian carcinoma10.8
  Cervical carcinoma10.8
 Gastrointestinal malignancy64.6
  Oesophageal carcinoma10.8
  Gastric adenocarcinoma21.5
  Colonic carcinoma32.3
 Various malignancies139.8
  Prostate carcinoma43.1
  Testis carcinoma10.8
  Renal cell carcinoma21.5
  Osteogenic sarcoma/leyomyosarcoma21.5
  Thyroid hurtle cell carcinoma10.8
 Multiple malignancies32.3
  Breast and renal cell carcinoma10.8
  Breast carcinoma and CML10.8
  ENT spinocellular carcinoma and NSCLC10.8
Autoimmune or systemic disease00.0
Mycobacterial infection64.6
No specific medical history7456.5
  • All percentages are relative to the study population.

  • CML, chronic myeloid leukaemia; ENT, ear, nose and throat; NSCLC, non-small-cell lung carcinoma.