Table 1

Key reporting elements evaluated in this scoping review to infer features of a good clinical prediction model

FeaturesDefinitionKey reporting elements*
GeneralisabilityHow well the model works in populations external to the study population, and as such can be used to infer performance in a clinical setting
  • Data source

  • Participants

  • Validation (internal/external)

BiasednessOccurs when certain elements are more heavily weighted than others, or with inconsistency or subjectivity in defining the outcome.
  • Missing Data

  • Outcomes

InterpretabilityHow well the model is understood by clinicians
  • Predictors

ReplicabilityThe ability to replicate the model in the same or independent population
  • Model specification

  • Model structure

PerformanceWhether the model provides benefit to patients
  • Prospective study

  • Randomised controlled trial

  • *Transparent Reporting of a multivariable prediction model for Individual Prognosis Or Diagnosis guidelines summarised in Leisman et al.12