Table 5

The correlation coefficients between the canonical variables of clinical objective indicators and the scores of each domain of QLICD-COPD (V2.0) in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Clinical objective indicatorVariable V 1 V 2 Variable U 1 U 2
TPX1 0.5920.277Y1 0.4230.167
ALBX2 0.451−0.008Y2 0.8980.324
TBAX3 −0.129−0.002Y3 0.3910.847
ALPX4 −0.175−0.435Y4 0.780−0.326
ScrX5 −0.0070.120
KX6 0.032−0.371
NaX7 0.0630.675
NEUT%X8 −0.450−0.302
LYMPH%X9 0.4560.300
MONO%X10 0.1870.146
LYMPHX11 −0.3410.396
MONOX12 −0.0510.005
HCTX13 −0.0760.354
PCO2 X14 0.0600.252
CRPX15 −0.247−0.120
  • ALB, albumin; ALP, alkaline phosphatase; CRP, C-reactive protein; HCT, hematocrit; K, serum potassium; LYMPH%, percentage of lymphocytes; LYMPH, lymphocytes ; MONO, monocytes; MONO%, percentage of monocytes; Na, serum sodium; NEUT%, percentage of neutrophils; PCO2, partial pressure of carbon dioxide; QLICD-COPD V2.0, Quality of Life Instrument for Chronic Diseases-COPD (V2.0); QLICD-COPD (V2.0), Quality of Life Instrument for Chronic Diseases-COPD (V2.0); Scr, creatinine; TBA, total bile acid; TP, total protein.