Table 2

Multivariate models testing blood leucocytes against outcome

OutcomeMultivariate analysis
HR95% CIP valueP value
(PH assumption)
FVC decline >10%/year
Absolute leucocytes
 Gender (male)0.480.24 to 0.970.040*0.470
 Age1.11.0 to 1.150.035*0.110
 FVC (%)0.990.97 to 1.000.0710.630
 Monocytes (×109/L)0.610.11 to 3.740.5000.249
 Lymphocytes (×109/L)0.810.52 to 1.30.3600.850
 Neutrophils (×109/L)1.41.1 to 1.70.0011*0.760
 Monocytosis (>0.90×109/L)1.830.88 to 3.820.1050.953
 Lymphopenia (<1.0×109/L)3.781.31 to 10.970.014*0.669
 Neutrophilia (>7.5×109/L)3.121.44 to 6.740.004*0.870
Leucocyte indexesAdjusted HR
 MLR1.070.70 to 1.640.7630.757
 MLR >0.371.911.07 to 3.400.029*0.434
 NLR1.311.16 to 1.480.00002*0.679
 NLR >2.772.041.12 to 3.710.020*0.803
 SIRI1.030.97 to 1.080.3260.578
 SIRI>2.01.951.10 to 3.470.023*0.549
Absolute leucocytes
 Gender (male)0.830.38 to 1.800.6300.970
 Age1.11.00 to 1.100.005*0.930
 Baseline FVC (%)0.970.96 to 0.990.001*0.990
 Monocytes (×109/L)1.41.10 to 1.800.013*0.340
 Lymphocytes (×109/L)1.00.70 to 1.500.8900.940
 Neutrophils (×109/L)1.21.10 to 1.400.0008*0.940
 Monocytosis (>0.90×109/L)1.010.50 to 2.010.9900.291
 Lymphopenia (<1.0×109/l)1.500.52 to 4.380.4510.279
 Neutrophilia (>7.5×109/L)2.311.18 to 4.540.015*0.544
Leucocyte indexesAdjusted HR
 MLR1.321.09 to 1.600.005*0.136
 MLR >0.372.051.26 to 3.740.019*0.583
 NLR1.221.11 to 1.340.00006*0.691
 NLR >2.771.811.01 to 3.230.046*0.767
 SIRI1.061.02 to 1.090.001*0.130
 SIRI>2.01.831.02 to 3.260.041*0.231
  • Absolute leucocyte counts were tested in combination (absolute monocyte, lymphocyte and neutrophils) to explore interaction and adjusted for the covariates gender, age and baseline FVC%. For multivariate models exploring contribution of the leucocyte derived indexes (MLR, NLR or SIRI); each was tested individually with the covariates gender, age and baseline FVC% but HR outcome for gender, age and baseline FVC% are not shown. All adjusted covariates in each model satisfied the proportional hazard assumption (p<0.05 are considered significant).

  • FVC, forced vital capacity; MLR, monocyte/lymphocyte ratio; NLR, neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio; SIRI, Systemic Inflammatory Response Index.