Table 2

OR for the occurrence of cerebral infarction

% of eventsNumber of events
(n=37 352)
Sites of lobectomyUnivariateMultivariate*
OR95% CIP valueAdjusted OR95% CIP value
Left upper lobectomy7462290.39%2.491.29 to 4.800.0062.661.37 to 5.160.004
Left lower lobectomy5593190.34%2.171.07 to 4.410.0322.201.08 to 4.490.030
Right upper lobectomy13 075320.24%1.570.82 to 3.000.1711.600.83 to 3.070.158
Right middle lobectomy291260.21%1.330.50 to 3.520.5621.290.48 to 3.450.607
Right lower lobectomy8310130.16%ReferenceReference
  • *Adjusted for sex, age, body mass index, smoking, activity of daily living, surgical approach (thoracotomy or video-assisted), stage, comorbidities and hospital-level factors.