Table 1

Results of the experience of care survey during the regional single-queue EBUS pilot in Greater Manchester

How happy were you to travel to the hospital where your test was done?
5-point Likert scale (very happy to very unhappy)
95% ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’
How did you attend your appointment for your EBUS test?79%: own/family/friends transport
In your own opinion, what is the most important thing about having an urgent test?
  • Completing the test as fast as possible regardless of which hospital it happens at

  • Completing the test as close to home as possible, even if that means waiting a little longer

  • Something else

  • None of the above

  • I’m not sure

77%: completing the test as fast as possible regardless of which hospital it happens at
Overall, how well organised was the process of completing test?
5-point Likert scale (very organised to very disorganised)
98%: ‘very organised’ or ‘organised’
Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience during this test project or anything about where you feel patients should have urgent tests in Greater Manchester?‘Very happy to go anywhere to get EBUS done as soon as possible so I can have results and start treatment as soon as possible.’
‘I was extremely impressed by the teamwork & professionalism at [EBUS Centre B]. They acknowledged my fears, made me feel comfortable and it would be good if I needed another to go back to Wythenshawe.’
‘Brilliant experience. Don’t mind travelling to [EBUS Centre B] even if it’s awkward to get to.’
  • EBUS, endobronchial ultrasound.