Table 3

Discriminatory performance of prognostic scores within validation cohort

ICU admission30 days’ mortality
Score systemAUC95% CIP valueAUC95% CIP value
ROX index0.790.76 to 0.82Ref0.680.65 to 0.72<0.0001
SOFA0.740.71 to 0.770.02740.750.72 to 0.78<0.0001
4C0.620.59 to 0.65<0.00010.820.80 to 0.85Ref
CURB-650.600.56 to 0.64<0.00010.750.72 to 0.77<0.0001
qSOFA0.590.55 to 0.62<0.00010.580.56 to 0.62<0.0001
  • *P values were calculated from DeLong’s test.

  • AUC, area under the curve; 4C, Coronavirus Clinical Characterisation Consortium; CURB-65, Confusion, Uraemia, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure and Age ≥65; ICU, Intensive Care Unit; qSOFA, Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score; Ref, reference; ROX, respiratory rate and oxygenation; SOFA, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score; SpO2, percutaneous oxygen saturation.