Table 2

Assessing mechanisms of action, barriers and facilitators using the RE-AIM framework

ConstructData sourceExample questions to assess RE-AIM domain
ReachTrial exclusion/refusal rates% of target population excluded due to exclusion criteria or refusal
EffectivenenessAims 1 and 2
Aim 3 interviews
Effect sizes estimated from aim 1 analysis.
Perceived strengths/weaknesses: ‘What about InSPIRe did you find most helpful to you?’
AdoptionAim 3 interviewsBarriers and facilitators to implementation: ‘How might the intervention be difficult for someone like yourself living with CF to participate?’
ImplementationFidelity measures% of intervention visits addressing ≥80% of intervention topics
MaintenanceAim 3 interviewsClinic likelihood to integrate intervention in standard of care: ‘How might or might not this intervention be integrated into standard care for people living with CF?’
  • CF, cystic fibrosis; InSPIRe, Integrating Specialist Palliative care to Improve care and Reduce suffering.