Table 1

Documented reasons for discontinuation of IL-5 inhibitor treatment

Reason for discontinuationTotal
Recurrent intensive care unit (ICU) admissions (× 4)1
Adverse event—urticaria1
Lung cancer diagnosis1
Lack of efficacy1
Non-adherence, smoking, missed dose1
Patient emigrated2
Patient refused to continue1
Switched to dupilumab2
Switched to omalizumab1
Planning pregnancy1
Death due to severe pre-existing cardiac disease1
Death due to pre-existing renal disease1
Death due to sudden cardiac death (postmortem results still pending)1
  • Reason for discontinuation = documented reason for discontinuation of IL-5 treatment at any point during the 18-month treatment period.

  • Total = total number of patients discontinued on IL-5 inhibitor treatment for this documented reason.