Table 4

Summary of subanalysis data from Cork University Hospital

12 months pre-IL-5 treatmentMean12 months IL-5 treatmentMeanP value
Bed days1286.09351.6p=0.017
Maintenance steroid dose11.7 mg3.9 mgp<0.001
ACQ Score2.80.9p<0.001
  • Exacerbations = number of recorded exacerbations (oral corticosteroid treatment/increase in maintenance oral corticosteroid dose for management) requiring specialist respiratory review but not requiring hospitalisation.

  • Exacerbations—inpatient = recorded exacerbations (increased asthma symptoms requiring antibiotic or corticosteroid treatment) requiring inpatient hospital treatment of at least 1 day.

  • Bed days = total number of days of hospital inpatient treatment due to exacerbation.

  • Maintenance steroid dose = average daily dose of oral corticosteroid required to maintain asthma symptom control. ACQ Score = Asthma Control Questionnaire measure of asthma symptom severity, range 1–6.

  • 12 months pre IL-5 treatment = total number of events recorded within 12 months prior to starting IL-5 treatment. 12 months IL-5 treatment = total number of events recorded in the 12 months following commencement of IL-5 inhibitor treatment.

  • Mean = average number of documented events/treatment measure changes per patient during the stated time period.

  • p = P value probability significance measure.