Table 1

Overview of the CURE service patient perceptions, needs and experience of care survey content

Section 1Smoking history and current hospital admission
  • Duration and intensity of smoking history

  • Number of previous quit attempts in previous 12 months

  • Treatments used during previous quit attempts

  • Impact of smoking on current hospital admission

  • Hospital admission as a prompt to a quit attempt

  • Smoking behaviour during hospital admission

Section 2Treatment and support during hospital admission
  • Provision of VBA during admission

  • Offer and acceptance of stop smoking pharmacotherapy

  • Speed of onset of cravings following admission to hospital

  • Acceptability of an opt-out model during a hospital admission

  • Offer and acceptance of specialist support and postdischarge support

  • Impact on motivation for a quit attempt

  • Experience of care (rated 0–10)

  • Preferred discharge pathways

  • Preferred additional support (digital and non-digital)

Section 3Perceptions of vaping as a stop smoking intervention
  • Previous use of vaping as a stop smoking intervention

  • Perception of vaping versus NRT in cravings management

  • Perception of vaping harms ersu smoking tobacco (Likert Scale)

  • Interest in provision of vaping kits as a stop smoking tool during admission

  • Agreement with vaping friendly hospital grounds

  • CURE, Conversation, Understand, Replace, Experts and Evidence Base; GP, general practitioner; NRT, nicotine replacement therapy; VBA, very brief advice.