Table 3

Example quotes from intervention participant focus groups

ThemeExample quote
VenuesIt’s more important to me to be near where I live than have a fantastic venue that’s 20 miles away (Female, Group 5)
For me the venue was ideal and it was the thing that concerned me when it was mentioned that they would look at where the members of the group lived and try and make it local and for me in Kirby of course, no problem, and superb, the venue’s good (Male, Group 8)
Session timings…I don’t know whether it’s because we’re such a small group, but overall my impression was I thought it could be a bit more condensed into perhaps a—and I thought 2 hours is a long time, but that’s only my opinion (Female, Group 4)
Well, I think myself it was a good idea, because if you’d have come every week, if you hadn’t developed from the week before you wouldn’t feel very nice, would you, whereas if you went, say, every 3 or 4 weeks as it is you’d see a bit of an improvement and that made you feel a lot better (Male, Group 9)
SPACE for COPD manualYeah because it was like a starting basis for conversations wasn’t it and discussions (Male, Group 3)
This and, you know, to take home and then you can digest it a bit longer, you know, the different things. And it’s not preaching at you. You know, it’s more advice rather than actual you’ve got to do it (Female, Group 6)
Yeah I think it could be abbreviated, because there’s quite a number of bits of repeats in there (Female, Group 7)
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; SPACE, Self-management Programme of Activity, Coping and Education.