Table 2

RAMs specific for risk assessment of VTE in patients with lung cancer

RAMsItemsScoreHigh riskAUC in validation
ROADMAP-CATProcoag-PPL <44 s, and1Score=10.77
MRI <125 nM/min
Score of AlexanderBaseline fibrinogen ≥4.0 g/L and baseline D-dimer ≥0.5 mg/L1Score ≥10.67(0.61–0.73)
Baseline D-dimer ≥1.5 mg/L1
Month-1 D-dimer ≥1.5 mg/L1
Score of LiMale1Score ≥60.827 (0.782–0.866)
Age ≥65 years1
Clinical stage in III-IV1
History of chemotherapy1
History of surgery1
D-dimer >0.55 mg/L1
History of CVC2
Thrombo-NSCLCFVIII (%) ≥241%1Score ≥30.93 (0.87–0.98)
Soluble P-selectin ≥20.4 mADU3
Rising-VTE/NEJ037Female1Score ≥50.751 (0.692–0.809)
TNM ≥31
PS score ≥11
Lymphocyte percentage <18%1
Platelet count <280 000/μL1
Prothrombin fragment 1+2 ≥325 pmol/L1
Diastolic blood pressure ≥70 mm Hg1
SIIAgeNomogramNot mentioned0.708 (0.643–0.772)
Antitumour treatment
Haemoglobin <100 g/L
SII >851.51×109/L
D-dimer >2-folds
Nomogram of LiAgeNomogramScore ≥1310.813 (0.737–0.890)
Operation time
  • AUC, area under the curve; BMI, body mass index; CA15-3, carbohydrate antigen 15-3; CUS, compression ultrasonography; CVC, central venous catheter; FVIII, coagulation factor VIII; mADU, milli-arbitrary density units; MRI, mean rate index of thrombin generation; Procoag-PPL, procoagulant phospholipid-dependent clotting time; PS, performance status; RAMs, risk assessment models; SII, systemic immunoinflammatory index; TNM, tumour node metastasis; VTE, venous thromboembolism.