Table 2

Baseline characteristics of cohort

Age (years)65.35 (±6.11)
% Male57.5% (n=6386)
 White83.8% (n=9259)
 Mixed2.2% (n=250)
 Asian6.7% (n=743)
 Black4.4% (n=484)
 Other3.4% (n=379)
Education level
 Finished school before 16*39.5% (n=4389)
 High school23.6% (n=2618)
 College10.9% (n=1216)
 Further education8.4% (n=932)
 Bachelors degree12.6% (n=1296)
 Further degree5.1% (n=564)
IMD quintile
 (Most deprived) 131.7% (n=3519)
 228.7% (n=3190)
 317.6% (n=1961)
 415.2% (n=1695)
 (Least deprived) 55.2% (n=574)
Pack years45.31 (±23.00)
Current smoker? (yes, %)48.6% (n=5397)
BMI (kg/m2)28.14 (±9.50)
Systolic BP (mm Hg)134.08 (±17.61)
Diastolic BP (mm Hg)79.97 (±10.40)
Airflow obstruction (%)†49.5% (n=5497)
Personal history of cancer13.3% (n=1474)
Family history of cancer19.0% (n=2107)
Median PLCOm2012 score3.08% (1.87%–5.55%)
  • *In cases where education level was not given this was recorded as ‘finished school before 16’.

  • †Airflow obstruction defined as prebronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio of <0.7.

  • BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity; IMD, index of multiple deprivation; PLCOm2012, Prostate Lung Colorectal Ovarian modified 2012.