Table 4

Sensitivity analysis using clinical Moraxella catarrhalis infection as outcome

No of patientsNo of eventsCox multivariate regression model (n=18 867)
nnHR (95% CI)P value
Total18 867455
No ICS568759Ref.
Low ICS4361921.57 (1.09 to 2.24)0.014
Moderate ICS44571341.85 (1.31 to 2.60)0.0004
High ICS43622362.88 (2.07 to 4.02)<0.0001
  • Clinical M. catarrhalis infection was defined as a lower respiratory tract culture positive for M. catarrhalis combined with admission to hospital and/or redeemed prescription for an antibiotic related to airway infections, within 7 days before or 14 days after the positive sample was obtained.

  • ICS, inhaled corticosteroids.