Table 2

Clinical characteristics of children with asthma

Clinical characteristicValue, n (%) or median (IQR)
Age in years6(4–8)
Number of previous ED attendances with asthma3.5(2–5)
Number of previous hospital admissions1.5(1–3)
Number of children with previous intensive care unit admission9 (17)
Family history of asthma in first degree relative30 (56)
Usual treatment for asthma
 Inhaled short-acting beta-agonist23 (43)
 Inhaled corticosteroid21 (39)
 Montelukast8 (15)
 Long-acting beta-agonist/steroid combined inhaler6 (11)
 No usual medications for asthma18 (33)
Arrived by ambulance2 (4)
Length of stay in hospital (hours)38(16–85)
Treatment while in hospital
 Intravenous corticosteroids41 (76)
 Intravenous bronchodilator37 (69)
  Magnesium25 (46)
  Aminophylline9 (17)
  Salbutamol35 (65)
 Ipratropium bromide27 (50)
 High-flow oxygen therapy5 (9)
 Intravenous antibiotics4 (7)
 Non-invasive ventilation4 (7)
 Nebulised magnesium1 (2)
Intensive care unit/high-dependency unit admission3 (6)
  • ED, emergency department.