Table 1

Study subjects demographics

N=106N (%)
Age (years)41.8±14.0
Sex : male41 (39)
Body mass index (kg/m2)26±6.0
Smoking status (N=102)
 Current smoker21 (20.6)
 Ex-smoker22 (21.6)
 Never-smoker59 (57.8)
Positive family history of asthma (n=97)40 (41)
 Arterial hypertension16 (15.1)
 Depression9 (8.5)
 Diabetes mellitus5 (4.7)
 Connective tissue disease4 (3.8)
 AIDS3 (2.8)
 Chronic kidney disease2 (1.9)
 Malignant solid tumour2 (1.9)
 Peripheral vascular disease1 (0.9)
 Cough64 (60.4)
 Sputum20 (18.9)
 Sneeze16 (15.2)
 Wheeze15 (14.3)
Referred symptom trigger
 Sport36 (35.0)
 Emotional stress16 (15.7)
Current respiratory medication
 ICS21 (19.8)
 LABA17 (16)
 LAMA2 (1.9)
 SABA9 (8.5)
 Nasal steroid9 (8.5)
 Antihistamine6 (5.7)
 Antitussive1 (0.9)
 Oral steroid1 (0.9)
Non-respiratory medication47 (44)
Lung function tests (pre-BD)
 FEV1 (% pred)97.9±10.2
 FVC (% pred)102.4±11.8
 TLC (% pred)103.0±11.2
 DLCO (% pred)91.7±13.5
 FeNO (ppb)21.0±1.7
 SIII (%N/L)1.59±0.98
 LCI (CEV/FRC)7.81±1.41
 Scond (/L)0.02±0.02
 Sacin (/L)0.10±0.06
Lung function tests (pos BD)
 FEV1 (% pred)97.8±10.4
 FVC (% pred)99.2±19.6
Prick test performed (N=102)83 (81.4)
  • BD, bronchodilator; CEV, cumulative expired volume; DLCO, diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in the first second; FRC, forced vital capacity; FVC, forced vital capacity; ICS, inhaled corticosteroids; LABA, long-acting beta agonist; LAMA, long-acting muscarinic; LCI, lung clearance index; N2MBW, nitrogen multiple breath washout; N2SBW, nitrogen single breath washout; SABA, short-acting beta agonist; Sacin, SnIII of the first breath; Scond, SnIII between Lung turnover 1.5 and 6; TLC, total lung capacity.