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Guidelines on the management of acute respiratory distress syndrome
Griffiths, Mark J. D.; McAuley, Danny Francis. et al

SARS-CoV-2 organising pneumonia: ‘Has there been a widespread failure to identify and treat this prevalent condition in COVID-19?’
Kory, Pierre; Kanne, Jeffrey P.

Classification of aerosol-generating procedures: a rapid systematic review
Jackson, Tanya; Deibert, Danika; Wyatt, Graeme. et al

Safety and survival data in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treated with nintedanib: pooled data from six clinical trials
Lancaster, Lisa; Crestani, Bruno; Hernandez, Paul. et al

Rationale, design and objectives of two phase III, randomised, placebo-controlled studies of GLPG1690, a novel autotaxin inhibitor, in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (ISABELA 1 and 2)
Maher, Toby M.; Kreuter, Michael; Lederer, David J. et al

COPD exacerbations: the impact of long versus short courses of oral corticosteroids on mortality and pneumonia: nationwide data on 67 000 patients with COPD followed for 12 months
Sivapalan, Pradeesh; Ingebrigtsen, Truls Sylvan; Rasmussen, Daniel Bech. et al

Improved survival following ward-based non-invasive pressure support for severe hypoxia in a cohort of frail patients with COVID-19: retrospective analysis from a UK teaching hospital
Burns, Graham P.; Lane, Nicholas D.; Tedd, Hilary M. et al

Retrospective analysis of high flow nasal therapy in COVID-19-related moderate-to-severe hypoxaemic respiratory failure
Patel, Maulin; Gangemi, Andrew; Marron, Robert. et al

Randomised clinical trial to determine the safety of quercetin supplementation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Han, Meilan K.; Barreto, Tyler A.; Martinez, Fernando J. et al

Ethnicity and risk of death in patients hospitalised for COVID-19 infection in the UK: an observational cohort study in an urban catchment area
Sapey, Elizabeth; Gallier, Suzy; Mainey, Chris. et al

Side effects of acetazolamide: a systematic review and meta-analysis assessing overall risk and dose dependence
Schmickl, Christopher N.; Owens, Robert L.; Orr, Jeremy E. et al

Cell therapy for ARDS: efficacy of endobronchial versus intravenous administration and biodistribution of MAPCs in a large animal model
Cardenes, Nayra; Aranda-Valderrama, Paola; Carney, Jonathan P. et al

Patient experience of COPD care: outcomes from the British Lung Foundation Patient Passport
Philip, Keir; Gaduzo, Stephen; Rogers, Judith. et al

CPAP management of COVID-19 respiratory failure: a first quantitative analysis from an inpatient service evaluation
Ashish, Abdul; Unsworth, Alison; Martindale, Jane. et al

Is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) a new standard of care for type 1 respiratory failure in COVID-19 patients? A retrospective observational study of a dedicated COVID-19 CPAP service
Nightingale, Rebecca; Nwosu, Nneka; Kutubudin, Farheen. et al

Sex-specific incidence of asthma, rhinitis and respiratory multimorbidity before and after puberty onset: individual participant meta-analysis of five birth cohorts collaborating in MeDALL
Hohmann, Cynthia; Keller, Theresa; Gehring, Ulrike. et al

Compliance after switching from CPAP to bilevel for patients with noncompliant OSA: big data analysis
Benjafield, Adam V.; Pepin, Jean-Louis D.; Valentine, Kate; Cistulli, Peter A. et al

Early conscious prone positioning in patients with COVID-19 receiving continuous positive airway pressure: a retrospective analysis
Winearls, Stuart; Swingwood, Ema L.; Hardaker, Charlotte L. et al

Impact of surgical maxillomandibular advancement upon pharyngeal airway volume and the apnoea-hypopnoea index in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea: systematic review and meta-analysis
Giralt-Hernando, Maria; Valls-Ontanon, Adaia; Guijarro-Martinez, Raquel. et al

Chest radiograph reading panel performance in a Bangladesh pneumococcal vaccine effectiveness study
McCollum, Eric D.; Ahmed, Salahuddin; Chowdhury, Nabidul H. et al