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Sleep apnoea is a risk factor for severe COVID-19
Strausz, Satu; Kiiskinen, Tuomo; Broberg, Martin; Ruotsalainen, Sanni; Koskela, Jukka; et al

Post-COVID-19 assessment in a specialist clinical service: a 12-month, single-centre, prospective study in 1325 individuals
Heightman, Melissa; Prashar, Jai; Hillman, Toby E.; Marks, Michael; Livingston, Rebecca; et al

Patient symptoms and experience following COVID-19: results from a UK-wide survey
Buttery, Sara; Philip, Keir E. J.; Williams, Parris; Fallas, Andrea; West, Brigitte; Cumella, Andrew; et al

Association between influenza vaccination and hospitalisation or all-cause mortality in people with COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study
Wilcox, Christopher R.; Islam, Nazrul; Dambha-Miller, Hajira

Rationale for azithromycin in COVID-19: an overview of existing evidence
Gyselinck, Iwein; Janssens, Wim; Verhamme, Peter; Vos, Robin

Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 infectivity of upper respiratory specimens from COVID-19 patients by virus isolation using VeroE6/TMPRSS2 cells
Yamada, Souichi; Fukushi, Shuetsu; Kinoshita, Hitomi; Ohnishi, Makoto; Suzuki, Tadaki; et al

Dysfunctional breathing diagnosed by cardiopulmonary exercise testing in ‘long COVID’ patients with persistent dyspnoea
Fresard, Isabelle; Genecand, Leon; Altarelli, Marco; Gex, Gregoire; Vremaroiu, Petrut; et al

Efficacy of convalescent plasma for treatment of COVID-19 in Uganda
Kirenga, Bruce; Byakika-Kibwika, Pauline; Muttamba, Winters; Kayongo, Alex; Loryndah, Namakula Olive; et al

Dysfunctional breathing diagnosed by cardiopulmonary exercise testing in ‘long COVID’ patients with persistent dyspnoea
Fresard, Isabelle; Genecand, Leon; Altarelli, Marco; Gex, Gregoire; Vremaroiu, Petrut; Vremaroiu-Coman, Andreea; et al

COVID-19 recovery: benefits of multidisciplinary respiratory rehabilitation
Everaerts, Stephanie; Heyns, Arne; Langer, Daniel; Beyens, Hilde; Hermans, Greet; Troosters, Thierry; et al

Asthma exacerbation prevalence during the COVID-19 lockdown in a moderate-severe asthma cohort
de Boer, Geertje; Braunstahl, Gert-Jan; Hendriks, Rudi; Tramper-Stranders, Gerdien

Efficacy and safety of high flow nasal oxygen for children with bronchiolitis: systematic review and meta-analysis
Dafydd, Carwyn; Saunders, Benjamin J.; Kotecha, Sarah J.; Edwards, Martin O

Feasibility of an online platform delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation for individuals with chronic respiratory disease
Lewis, Adam; Knight, Ellena; Bland, Matthew; Middleton, Jack; Mitchell, Esther; McCrum, Kate; Conway, Joy; Bevan-Smith, Elaine

Disease burden and quality of life of patients with chronic cough in Japan: a population-based cross-sectional survey
Kubo, Takekazu; Tobe, Keisuke; Okuyama, Kotoba; Kikuchi, Masashi; Chen, Yirong; Schelfhout, Jonathan; Abe, Machiko; Tokita, Shigeru

Validation of the STOP-Bang questionnaire as a screening tool for obstructive sleep apnoea in patients with cardiovascular risk factors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Hwang, Mark; Zhang, Kevin; Nagappa, Mahesh; Saripella, Aparna; Englesakis, Marina; Chung, Frances

Experiences of nurses caring for respiratory patients during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: an online survey study
Roberts, Nicola J.; Kelly, Carol A.; Lippiett, Kate A.; Ray, Emma; Welch, Lindsay

Long-term outcomes following severe COVID-19 infection: a propensity matched cohort study
McPeake, Joanne; Shaw, Martin; MacTavish, Pamela; Blyth, Kevin G.; Devine, Helen; Fleming, Gillian; et al

Aetiology of acute respiratory infection in preschool children requiring hospitalisation in Europe-results from the PED-MERMAIDS multicentre case-control study
Kohns Vasconcelos, Malte; Loens, Katherine; Sigfrid, Louise; Iosifidis, Elias; Epalza, Cristina; Dona, Daniele; et al

Impact of corticosteroids in hospitalised COVID-19 patients
Ho, Kam Sing; Narasimhan, Bharat; Difabrizio, Larry; Rogers, Linda; Bose, Sonali; Li, Li; Chen, Roger; Sheehan, Jacqueline; et al

Specialty COPD care during COVID-19: patient and clinician perspectives on remote delivery
Wu, Frances; Burt, Jenni; Chowdhury, Teena; Fitzpatrick, Raymond; Martin, Graham; van der Scheer, Jan W.; Hurst, John R

SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7 is associated with greater disease severity among hospitalised women but not men: multicentre cohort study
Stirrup, Oliver; Boshier, Florencia; Venturini, Cristina; Guerra-Assuncao, Jose Afonso; Alcolea-Medina, Adela; Beckett, Angela; et al